WordPress Missing Temporary Folder Upload Solution

Every now and then I get stuck on a particular issue and end up spending hours Googling for a solution. Recently, while doing a manual WordPress install, I came across the infamous ‘missing a temporary folder’ issue. What this means is that WordPress has no place to put uploaded files and media temporarily before moving them to subsequent folders.

After trawling through 50+ pages, I am happy to share the following solution (via Fast Web Host):

1. Create a “tmp” folder in your WordPress root directory with 777 permissions. This can be done by your FTP program.

2. Also create a “php.ini” file in same location.

3. Add the following in php.ini file:

upload_max_filesize = 16M
upload_tmp_dir = on
upload_tmp_dir = /home/username/public_html/wordpressDir/tmp

Please make sure to replace username with your hosting username, and wordpressDir with the directory name of your WordPress install.
If you have installed WordPress on your homepage then the path will be like: upload_tmp_dir = /home/username/public_html/tmp

4. Copy the same php.ini file to your wp_admin folder.

That’s it. It worked for me, hopefully it works for you, and the solution took only 2 minutes to implement. The search, however….

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2 Responses to WordPress Missing Temporary Folder Upload Solution

  1. Vicky Teinaki says:

    Thanks for this, saved me on a very annoying bug! For anyone using one.com, you have to go look in your advanced settings for the file system path (it could be something strange like /customers/8/7/f/SITENAME//httpd.www/) and then use that for the two php.ini files.


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